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It was a great love of Bija, a poor herder, and Katun, a khan daughter. The cruel khan wanted to drive a wedge between the two lovers, but they managed to escape to save their love. The khan was angry and ordered his servants to bring his daughter back. Katun and Bija quickly conquered all mountains and when they saw a plain, they turned into rivers and hugged each other vigorously. And now, the two lovers flow in one river called Ob.

Love always represents two halves of one whole piece, and it is love from which families emerge. Love means that two souls connect; it is a mutual desire to be together. That is why the love charm consists of two cuts of one piece of a cedar tree. Only these two parts fit each other perfectly. No other suitable half can ever be found.

Yet a connection between two lovers is not a forced connection made with two strong locks – it is a union made voluntarily. That is why the two figures – a woman and a man – are tied together with a leather string, a symbol of a union of souls.

According to a legend, the love charm helps with keeping trust, understanding and gentleness in relationships. The charm will help you to overcome any difficulties. It will protect the family from misfortunes. At the times of a disagreement, one must untie the string that connects the two figures and tie them together again while thinking about a quick settlement and a solution of all problems.

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