Buckwheat-Amaranth Porridge with Shiitake Mushrooms

Nutritious, tasty, low-calorie food!

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Why do people think that porridges are the best option for breakfast, and ideal for lunch or dinner? Simply put, it’s because porridges are made of grains, rich in fiber, vitamins, valuable plant proteins, and “slow” carbohydrates, and yet are low on calories. Porridge keeps you satiated longer, does not create extra load on your digestive tract, helps you learn eat regularly, helps your body wake up and keeps you from snacking between regular meals. All this allows you to eat less, which is especially good for you when you are on a slimming diet. Buckwheat-Amaranth Porridge with Shiitake Mushrooms from TianDe is delicious and it’s good for you! The porridge does not need to be cooked; just add boiling water and wait a couple of minutes – and your delicious and useful meal is ready.

This product is very good for your gastrointestinal tract.
- Buckwheat contains lots of fiber, and that helps prevent intestinal dysbacteriosis and can even help you lose weight.
- Amaranth in the porridge will help you live longer, be strong and energetic. The ancient Aztecs had used amaranth as baby food, and soldiers took the seeds of this plant with them on military missions to keep themselves strong and healthy.
- Shiitake mushrooms are a symbol of longevity in the East.

The porridge contains flavorful vegetables and spices. It is a 100% natural product for those who want to:
- lose weight and keep it off;
- remove waste and toxins from their bodies;
- support their internal organs and slow down the aging process;
- pump up their immune system and stay healthier longer.

Add just the right dish – Buckwheat-Amaranth Porridge with Shiitake Mushrooms – to your diet!


Add 75-80 ml of boiling water, mix well; the product will be ready for use in 3-5 minutes.

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Amarantus Oil
Amarantus Oil

The amarantus oil is valued for its rich squalene content (approximately 8%, much more than in other oils). Squalene is one of the main components of the human skin. It protects and moisturizes the skin, nourishes the skin cells with oxygen and slows down the aging process.

Shiitake mushrooms
Shiitake mushrooms

In the East, shiitake mushrooms are considered a symbol of longevity. They can lower blood cholesterol and help boost the immune system. According to Chinese medicine, these useful mushrooms prolong life.


Lecithin is the main building block of all cell membranes, and it promotes the proper functioning of organs and plays a role in cell regeneration. It also ensures the proper functioning of the nervous system and brain. It is a strong antioxidant and prevents the formation of toxic compounds in organs.


Carrots are very beneficial for the human body. Their high content of vitamin A and beta-carotene greatly benefits the health of the hair, nails, skin and eyes.

Common onion
Common onion

It contains all the essential vitamins, which have been scientifically proven to this day. It has bactericidal effects. Regular consumption of onions helps correct intestinal peristalsis and alleviate dysbacteriosis.


It contains essential oils that provide energy, vitality and strength. Allspice has antiseptic properties and therefore protects the body against the penetration of pathogenic microorganisms.

Buckwheat flakes
Buckwheat flakes

They are buckwheat grains that are cut into the finest slices and have all the properties of unprocessed cereal. Buckwheat porridge contains a large amount of vitamins PP, E and B-group vitamins. Regular consumption of buckwheat helps improve the overall condition of the body, strengthen the nails and hair and even out the colour of the skin.


Garlic is known and popular all over the world. Its rich and distinctive taste can not be confused with anything else. Garlic is a welcome guest in many dishes, giving them a specific flavour and aroma. In addition, it has countless positive health effects. The healing power of garlic is due to its rich composition - it contains around 400 different substances and compounds. It is called a natural antibiotic or a virus killer and is also a known means of preventing atherosclerosis in the early stage of the disease.



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